Wednesday, January 16, 2008

First Cousin's

Sardar Labh Singh, the eldest son of Sardar Hira’s Singh sister, left three sons; the eldest Karam Singh, was adopted by Raja Hira Singh; the second, Dharam Singh is a special Magistrate with 1st Class powers and an Assistant Collector in the Bahraich District; and the youngest Dhayan Singh, is an executive Officer of the Bahraich Municipal Board.

The Raja’s second cousin, Sardar Ganda Singh, was for many years Risaldar in the 19th Bengal Lancers. Ganda Singh eldest son, Amin Chand, was a district officer in the Jammu State; and two others of his children are employed in Kapurthala.

Rai Bahadur Shiv Ram Kyshap, the great grandson of Jamiat Rai, received his higher education in England in Botany and was admitted into the Indian Educational Service. He was for many years the Professor of Botany at the Government College, Lahore. He died in 1934 of heart failure while yet in service.

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