Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Sardar Chain Singh

Sardar Chain Singh, a son of Raja Hira Singh’s sister, resides in Amritsar district.

He is a Divisional Darbari in Oudh but resides in Hirapur. He has been given a grant of ten squares of land in the Chenab colony. In 1913 he was appointed as Honorary Magistrate and a Civil Judge and he had these posts until 1933 when he resigned. For his services during the Great War, 1919, the title of Sardar Bhadur was conferred upon him and he was granted a recruiting badge, a robe of honour and a gun.

The commander-in-chief was pleased to grant him a sanad and a gun with an engraving on it. The Sardar Bhadur helped combating the Akali Movement also. His only son died in 1912, and he adopted a great grandson, Harbans Singh.

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