Wednesday, January 23, 2008

From the Archives

This Photograph dates back to 1905..........

Dwelling into the past.....Did we have camera’s back then or is it a painting... photographed much later?......

Can’t decipher and my GK isn’t good either.

Graham Bells... Radio or Telephone ; ??...TV; ?? ... Camera;

Anyways, seen in the photograph are:-

1 Edward A. Mumford, Former DSP, Lko
2 Mary Ann Mumford, Wife
3 Son
4 Daughter
5 Daughter
6 Daughter-in-law
7 Leonie, Grand Daughter


Golden Wedding Anniversary of Edward and Mary Ann, probably celebrated right here, where we live a century later.

Rare and definitely worth pulling out from the Archives.... Isn’t it?

Can’t help marvel at the ladies elaborate chignon and the lacy gowns.......while the men look aristocratic.......what stature and regal pride..........and the cute marsh mallow... ie three yr old in the centre........

Rewind: Early 1900’s

Mr Mumford, then DSP, lived in the very same house; we live in today, along with his family.

Move to 1920’s:

Raja Karam Singh, bought the house from them, before Mumford Family left India.

Forward to mid 1990’s:

Mr Mumford’s Grandson visited India, all the way from England, trying to trace/rediscover his family’s roots here in India, and gather as much information about his grandfather during his stay with the British Raj, before independence.

This rare photograph was sent back to us, from England, after Teddy (grandson) met Dad and exchanged notes with him, about the house, his family, our family, the Nawabi city et al dating back to a bygone era....Nostalgic Memories, for him as well as for us...

Leap into 2K7:

Thought I should add this so very special photograph, here to my blog-roll and preserve it, thereby, giving it a BRAND NEW DIMENSION here on the INTERNET.

Who would have thought of Computers and Net working back in the early 1900’s?

Forward to the new millennium, and I can share this rare photograph with friends all over the world, at a CLICK of a Key........ Thx to the giant strides we are this Techno World.....AMAZING!!

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