Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Lets all step into a time machine and get transported back in time...say about a 100 years... 200 years and re-live the years of yore, the years of by-gone stately grandeur....

Remnants of a Bygone Era
Kothi ~ Up close

If only these minakari walls could talk and share with us precious historical moments rendering them immortal for all times to come.

However, in Remembrance; now a distant memory for the Families closests Kith n Kin; I compile this blog (Courtesy: Internet & New-age Era), reminiscing our glorious forefathers and ancestors.

Excerpt from “Chief and Families of Note in Punjab” by Lepel Henry Griffin
Originally scripted in Urdu and later translated & compiled in English sometime during 1940's.

You are welcome to be a part of the Jamdan Family.

Happy Reading!

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The titles of Raja and Diwan, were sparingly bestowed & were essentially for distinguished service on the civil side.
While for the military officers, the title of Sardar or Sardar Bahadur was considered one of considerable distinction.

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